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Music Management

Upload, publish and distribute music to your audience.

Generate access codes and download them for distribution

With our powerfull code generation tool, you are able to create unique codes with various limitations.


SODA allows you to monitor your music and codes. You’ll get access to all the data an artist could ever need.

All with the goal of providing you with real-time info about how your releases are performing and code metrics, like where, when, and how often a code has been used.

Consumer portal

Customise the branding of your artist landing page to reflect your artist brand.

More features

Secure by design

Secure communication, Encryption at multiple layers, Monitoring and auditing features


Gain insights into how your music is progressing in realtime and get daily reports in your inbox

Download Protection

Music files is protected against attacks like web scraping. All download endpoints are proteced by tokens


Integrate SODA into your own project with SODA API with all the functionality available

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